About Us

We are a premium dual-medium online high school offering Grades 8 to 12 (Grade 12 phased in 2022) in accordance with the South African school curriculum (CAPS). We are committed to preparing learners for tertiary business degrees and diplomas to develop their potential in becoming emerging global business leaders for the 21st century.


Study online from home or anywhere in the world.

Obtain a National Senior Certificate that is fully accredited.

Advanced Co-curricular programs to better prepare for the 4th industrial revolution and revolutions to come.

Assist learners to reach their full potential as they prepare for post-school education and training.


We offer full-time Grade 8 to 12 daily interactive classes using a structured timetable in accordance with the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy. For example, a typical school day will start at 08h30 and end at 14h30. Teachers have an attendance register for each period to monitor learners’ daily attendance for each subject. All lessons are recorded and uploaded on the Moodle Learning Managing System for learners to further engage with the lesson.

We apply synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning methods.


All learners will be able to attend live interactive classes with their peers.
Learners will be required to participate in discussion forums and group activities.


All lessons will be recorded and uploaded on our LMS for learners to further engage with the lesson in their own time.


iCommerce Co-curricular

We highly encourage each of our learners to participate in business co-curricular online programs: iCommerce Entrepreneurship, Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and University Readiness

iCommerce Academy Entrepreneurship

To prepare emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management around the globe.

iCommerce Academy Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Developing future business leaders and entrepreneurs 21st century skills, namely, create; collaborate; communicate and critical thinking skills by providing platforms to do job shadowing, peer mentoring, volunteerism and internships.  We bring in guest speakers from business and industry throughout the academic year so that learners can find out more about the authentic world of business.

iCommerce Academy University Readiness

Learners are taught about the value of post school education and training in the field of business. University academics and students are invited into classes to present the requirements of business degree and diploma programs offered at tertiary institutions.   

The iCommerce Academy Difference

We Are Learner-Centered


We aim to provide quality teaching and learning via the internet to our learners

We aim to provide excellent subject content for our learners.

We aim to present this content in an interactive manner for our learners

We aim to present our learners with purposeful assessments that aligns with the learning outcomes for each subject.

We aim to provide our learners with highly qualified, professional and effective teachers


We Are Supportive


iCommerce Academy provides online intervention programs for each subject at no additional cost.

A highly qualified teacher develops the content and sets assessments for each subject. All our teachers are registered with the South African Council of Educators. Teachers and teaching assistants are trained to teach in an online environment and are available to assist learners throughout the academic year.

Our teachers and teaching assistants respond to emails daily.

All assessment feedback and marks are returned to the learners within 7 working days.

Our administrative team is available weekdays via telephone and email to answer any questions about enrolment, reporting, or any other administrative items


We Are Professional


Our subjects are offered by highly qualified professional teachers.

Each subject follows the standards and curricula set out by the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

All our subject offerings feature professional videos, visuals, auditory devices, and more for enhanced virtual learning.

Learners are provided with a secure, individual email account that allows them to communicate with their teachers and the iCommerce Academy team


We Are Innovative


Each subject content materials are available online.

Subject content is housed in the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)

Subject content is updated regularly.

Our interactive activities provide learners with opportunities to self-evaluate and monitor their progress.

The iCommerce Academy experience instils the 21st century skills of creativity, collaborating, critical thinking and communication skills that will benefit our learners in their future tertiary studies and the world of work