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iCommerce Academy

(Grade 8 to 12)

We are a premium online business academy offering Grade 8 to 12 in accordance with the South African school curriculum. We are committed to preparing learners for tertiary business studies and to empower learners to develop their potential in becoming global business leaders for the 21st century.

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Vision and Mission

Provide learners with a thorough understanding of business concepts and their theoretical underpinnings

Foster economic understanding in the context of business decision-making

Encourage learners to think critically

Stimulate innovative and entrepreneurial thinking

Foster an understanding, appreciation, and application of business ethics

Stress integration with academics

Provide a foundation that supports advanced study in business

Incorporate the use of technology to perform business activities

Stress the use of emotional intelligence in diverse societies

Foster a realistic understanding of professional business environments and employer expectations

Beliefs about

Teaching and Learning

Staff at iCommerce Academy believe that learners are more likely to reach their potential when.

  • Teachers know their learners and how they learn
  • Teachers assess, provide feedback, and regularly report on learners’ learning
  • Teachers enthusiastically engage learners in purposeful, meaningful learning experiences
  • Teachers demonstrate their knowledge of content and use evidence-based approaches to their teaching
  • Relationships with staff, parents and learners are developed
  • The diversity of cultures and values represented are acknowledged and respected.