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iCommerce Academy is a SACAI accredited Independent Private Online High School which offers Grades 8- 11  in accordance with the South African schools curriculum with Grade 12 in 2023 .

iCommerce Academy offers a full program that enables learners to stay ahead of the rest by exploring Learning and Further Educational Development with Our Enabling Educational Resources .

Through our Online Learning Options learners can prepare for the tertiary institution of their choice and a rewarding career path .

 In addition to required (core) courses, iCommerce Academy students can take a series of electives or work with us to propose a series of courses that fit in to our Personalized Learning Plan (PLP).

Our Vision

and Mission

Provide learners with a thorough understanding of business concepts and their theoretical underpinnings

Foster economic understanding in the context of business decision-making

Encourage learners to think critically

Stimulate innovative and entrepreneurial thinking

Foster an understanding, appreciation, and application of business ethics

Stress integration with academics

Provide a foundation that supports advanced study in business

Incorporate the use of technology to perform business activities

Stress the use of emotional intelligence in diverse societies

Foster a realistic understanding of professional business environments and employer expectations

Foster a realistic understanding of professional business environments and employer expectations

Teaching and Learning

iCommerce Academy believes that learners are more likely to reach their potential when :

  • Teachers know their learners and how they learn
  • Teachers assess, provide feedback, and regularly report on learners’ learning
  • Teachers enthusiastically engage learners in purposeful, meaningful learning experiences
  • Teachers demonstrate their knowledge of content and use evidence-based approaches to their teaching
  • Relationships with staff, parents and learners are developed
  • The diversity of cultures and values represented are acknowledged and respected.